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Artificial intelligence

Smart Crossing

Intelligent signal lighting system for uncontrolled pedestrian crossings

Stop Control

The application is intended to enhance the effectiveness of traffic police inspectors in identifying offenders and carrying out control and enforcement operations.

Taxi Control

Ensures taxi vehicles adhere to the regionally approved color scheme standards

Detection of railway track crossing violators

Automated violation detection system

OSSiG Control

Automated construction, demolition, and soil waste management system


A unified platform for managing and improving the efficiency of road transport infrastructure equipment operation

Accident prediction and analytics system

Integrated information environment for traffic accident data management, road hazard analysis, and accident cluster forecasting

Traffic Control Center as a service

Turnkey optimization of the regional street and road network

The Sputnik integration platform

An efficient centralized management system for the transport sector

Azimuth Parking traffic enforcement camera unit

Monitors violations of parking rules

Queue analysis module for public transport stops

The module is designed for detection and counting of the number of people at public transport stops


Digital twin of road and transport infrastructure

Azimuth DT vehicle detector

The system detects traffic violations, captures, and relays traffic flow data to municipal and road information systems

Azimuth 4 traffic enforcement camera unit

Cutting-edge hardware system for automated traffic regulation enforcement

All-Russian Traffic Safety Index

This is an integrated metric that offers an objective, comprehensive evaluation of safety levels on Russian roads.

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