The Sputnik integration platform

The Sputnik integration platform

An efficient centralized management system for the transport sector

It ensures seamless operation between diversified, existing information systems and equipment from various manufacturers, improving the operational efficiency of each component within the transport framework. The platform encompasses 18 modules and 15 ITS sub-systems.

This solution facilitates real-time monitoring of the traffic situation and delivers comprehensive analyses of traffic flows, weather conditions, vehicle counts, traffic violations, accidents, and emergencies, as well as public transport operations.

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By creating a comprehensive picture, it becomes possible to manage the traffic situation with heightened efficiency, monitor throughput, assess the load on road networks, and swiftly implement necessary actions, including preventative measures. The use of this platform reduces operational costs and enhances the quality of transport services.

Through its proprietary Sputnik integration platform, the Urbantech Group has integrated over 3,000 public transport vehicles in Nizhny Novgorod, in addition to more than 10 municipal and transport services, 25 modules and ITS subsystems, and 5 citywide information systems.