Passenger cableways

Passenger cableways

Full-cycle services for the design, construction, and operation of urban cableway systems

Urbantech.Cable Transport, a division of the Urbantech Group, offers full-cycle services for the design, construction, and operation of urban cableway systems.

Urban cableways are a contemporary mode of rapid, comfortable, and secure public transit. Cableways help reduce urban traffic congestion and are an eco-friendly transportation alternative, halving carbon dioxide emissions when compared with buses.

The Urbantech Group’s expertise in transportation planning enables the efficient integration of urban cable cars into the public transportation infrastructure, creating a comfortable and secure experience for residents and tourists alike.

The Urbantech Group takes a comprehensive approach to introducing and developing cable car systems, enlisting experienced and highly qualified specialists in architecture, transport modeling, and the improvement of the urban landscape. Cableways are emerging as new hubs of attraction in the region, catering to the interests of all stakeholders, including residents, government agencies, and the business community.

times less carbon dioxide emissions compared to buses
in safety among all modes of transportation
Stages of work

Concept development and master planning
We conduct a thorough analysis of market specifics, assess performance, and devise the most effective solution.


Design and survey works
We undertake projects of any complexity and create the accompanying technical documentation


Proprietary investments
We execute projects under an investment model that incorporates Public-Private Partnership (PPP) tools.


Construction and equipment supply
We build cableways and equip them with hardware that adheres to international quality standards.


Efficient management and operation
We ensure efficient and accident-free operation of cable car systems

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