Production site for photo and video recording systems

Production site for photo and video recording systems

The reliability and high-precision performance of the Azimuth series equipment are the result of thoughtful manufacturing

For over 15 years, the Azimuth family of traffic enforcement systems has been manufactured by Road Safety Technologies, a part of the Urbantech Group, at their own production facility in Perm.


The company has implemented a complete manufacturing cycle for the traffic enforcement systems, employing cutting-edge, high-precision machinery and reliable components. All departments are located within a single production loop to monitor each production phase and the complete technological sequence.

The software development team, in addition to their continuous efforts to improve the integrated software of the systems and introduce new features, also undertakes the task of localizing the software interfaces for foreign languages to cater to our international customers.

Each batch of our products is rigorously tested for performance under both standard and unexpected scenarios, which guarantees a long operational lifespan in the harshest climate and weather conditions.


Optimized logistics and ongoing efforts to increase the share of Russian-made components enable us to maintain an uninterrupted cycle of production and servicing independent of sanction constraints.
The company has established a technical support team that takes part in commissioning each system and solving unconventional challenges in collaboration with the lead designer.

Owning our production facilities for traffic enforcement systems enables us to produce a range of configurations, including bespoke, one-of-a-kind projects designed to meet the specific needs of each client.