Technologies for transport and road infrastructure

We ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency in transport management through the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions and the deployment of our proprietary traffic enforcement equipment.

We operate throughout Russia

The UrbanTech Group carries out integrated projects aimed at enhancing traffic safety throughout Russia. With many years of experience and high expertise in road traffic safety and the use of traffic enforcement systems, the company is well-positioned to expand its proprietary and domestic technologies to the CIS market and the international stage.

Our core priorities

Our focus is on trackable social performance indicators that benefit our clients and the entire community of road users. We are committed to expanding street capacity, reducing the incidence of deaths and accidents on the road, and enhancing the overall quality of public transportation services.

increase in the throughput capacity of central streets in Makhachkala
case study
decrease in the number of traffic accidents in the Moscow Region
case study
less illegal construction waste dumpsites
case study
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