Deployment of Intelligent Transportation System in Makhachkala

Deployment of Intelligent Transportation System in Makhachkala

Reduced traffic congestion and increased throughput of the transportation network

Republic of Dagestan

In 2023, the Urbantech Group successfully finalized the deployment of an intelligent transportation system in the Makhachkala urban agglomeration. The introduction of ITS has enabled the Makhachkala city administration to monitor road congestion in real time, effectively control traffic flow at intersections and vehicle accumulation points, swiftly respond to traffic incidents, and oversee the performance of the public transportation system.

AUTONET AWARDS for Advanced Implementation of Intelligent Transport Infrastructure Technologies

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As part of the project, 48 traffic lights were upgraded, 52 traffic controllers and 93 video surveillance cameras were installed, as well as 154 vehicle detectors, 201 traffic signals, and 199 pedestrian crossing lights. The implementation of the ITS has reduced travel times across the Makhachkala road network by 15 to 60 minutes.