Concession for traffic enforcement in the Republic of Dagestan

Concession for traffic enforcement in the Republic of Dagestan

Installation and maintenance of traffic enforcement cameras on the republic's roadways

Republic of Dagestan

Under the concession agreement signed in December 2023 with the Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities of the Republic of Dagestan, the Urbantech Group is deploying 200 new state-of-the-art Azimuth 4 automatic traffic enforcement camera units on the region’s roads.

The enforcement systems are being positioned at sites with a higher accident rate, as determined by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, in order to monitor compliance with traffic regulations on municipal, regional, and federal roads.

The installation of all 200 traffic enforcement cameras will be carried out over the course of 6 months, funded entirely by the Urbantech Group’s own capital and labor. Once operational, all the equipment will be transferred to the ownership of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan.

The Urbantech Group will handle service maintenance and technical operations without the allocation of budgetary funds, ensuring a 95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) in a 24/7 operational mode.