Traffic management in the Moscow Region

Traffic management in the Moscow Region

Addressing transportation issues in the cities of the Moscow Region without significant budgetary expenditure

Moscow region

In 2021-2022, as part of the Moscow Region Governor’s initiative “Eliminate Dumb Traffic Jams”, the Urbantech Group retrofitted and recalibrated previously installed traffic lights, as well as modified the traffic flow organization on the most congested streets in Sergiev Posad, Shchelkovo, Fryazino, Krasnogorsk, and Dolgoprudny.

As part of this initiative, over 36 traffic lights were reconfigured, alongside the installation of 129 traffic detectors and 150 panoramic surveillance cameras.

The measures enabled targeted solutions to the region’s transport issues with minimal budgetary expenditures, and also led to an average increase in road capacity by 25%.