Azimuth DT vehicle detector

Azimuth DT vehicle detector

The system detects traffic violations, captures, and relays traffic flow data to municipal and road information systems

The Azimuth DT multifunctional transport detector monitors traffic flow intensity, congestion, and road network throughput. The device gathers and preprocesses preliminary data on traffic streams, which are then leveraged by both centralized and local system infrastructures at different levels. This enables the development of strategies for effective traffic distribution and for increasing the overall capacity of the traffic network.

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Azimuth DT records seven key parameters of a vehicle—type, model, brand, license plate, color, coordinates, and the timestamp of its passage. The technical capabilities of the device extend to collecting and processing data, as well as detecting indicators for more than 14 types of traffic violations, including instances of speeding. Azimut DT can be easily integrated into the Safe City software and hardware complex and existing regional ITS. Despite its extensive functionality, the equipment is offered at a reasonable cost.