Digital twin of road and transport infrastructure

The AutoDiscovery software and hardware complex automates the control of road and transport infrastructure by creating its digital twins using mobile measurement units. Clients receive complete, current data on the condition of infrastructure assets, which enables prompt identification of issues, implementation of restoration measures for damaged assets, quality and timeline tracking of ongoing works, and effective planning for future operations and budgeting.

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The AutoDiscovery system automates all digitization and data aggregation tasks, operating fully autonomously, in real time, and with high accuracy in determining the coordinates of road and transport infrastructure assets. A single unit of the system has the capacity to digitize up to 200 kilometers of territory per day within the digital twin’s scope.

As a result of the digital twin project in Moscow, a total of 7,000 kilometers of road network, encompassing 28 road and transport infrastructure categories, and 1.7 million infrastructure components have been successfully digitized.