A unified platform for accounting and increasing the efficiency of operation of road transport infrastructure equipment

Software development by Urbantech Group of Companies based on the UrbanCore platform, which has no imported analogues. A unified platform for accounting and operation of photo-video recording complexes, equipment for traffic light facilities and other ITS elements.

Included in the register of domestic software


Using the platform, control of parameters and accuracy of equipment operation, technical accounting and monitoring, management of service requests and the entire life cycle of equipment are implemented. The system allows you to receive all relevant information about the locations, composition and condition of equipment. The Inventory application creates a mobile workplace for performing a wide range of tasks and allows you to carry out inventory at a facility, receive and process requests, and monitor the activities of work teams. Process automation reduces the burden on personnel and overhead costs for equipment support and development.

The effectiveness of the Inventory platform was confirmed during its use as part of a photo and video recording system in the Moscow region.