A unified platform for managing and improving the efficiency of road transport infrastructure equipment operation

The Urbantech Group has developed a proprietary software solution based on the UrbanCore platform, unparalleled by international counterparts. This integrated platform is engineered for managing and operating traffic enforcement cameras, traffic signal equipment, and other elements of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

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The platform facilitates the monitoring of equipment performance parameters and accuracy, enabling technical accounting, operation tracking, service request management, and overseeing the entire lifecycle of the equipment. It allows access to up-to-date information regarding the deployment, composition, and status of the equipment. The Inventory application creates a mobile workstation for a broad spectrum of tasks and enables on-site inventory management, request fulfillment, and control of field crew activities. The process automation effectively reduces the workload on personnel and cuts overhead costs for equipment maintenance and development.

The effectiveness of the Inventory platform has been confirmed through its application within the traffic enforcement system of the Moscow Region.