OSSiG Control

Automated construction, demolition, and soil waste management system

An automated system for managing the turnover of construction, demolition, and soil waste, powered by artificial intelligence and integrated with the environmental regulatory accounting systems of the Russian regions. This solution effectively combats illegal construction waste dumpsites that cause serious environmental damage.

Silver medal “Green Award” of the Russian Ecological Operator

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The system utilizes neural network technology capable of identifying garbage trucks in real-time by their shapes, recognizing state registration plates, and cross-referencing the data with a permit database for transporting construction waste within the Electronic Ticket system. The system also detects the presence and type of load in the vehicle’s body and monitors its route. In the event of a violation, such as a truck not checking into a construction waste recycling facility and continuing on its route without the cargo, the evidence is forwarded to inspectors of the authorized agency for further investigation.

During the two years of the system’s operation in the Moscow Region, the number of illegal dumpsites has been reduced by 57%, leading to not only fewer complaints from residents but also a budgetary saving of over 70 million rubles earmarked for the elimination of such dumps.