Installation and maintenance of Safe City security cameras

Installation and maintenance of Safe City security cameras

Service and maintenance to ensure functionality of CCTV cameras in Moscow


The Urbantech Group provides service and maintenance to ensure the functionality of the previously installed 76,000 CCTV cameras. As of October 2023, the installation of additional cameras has been completed.

Beyond routine technical maintenance, the company also promptly addresses any unexpected incidents, with a emergency response and repair time of under 6 hours.
They can handle up to 120 service requests per day.

The multifunctional Safe City system is deployed for monitoring public safety, providing swift incident response, managing emergencies, and mitigating the threat of terrorism. Cameras are strategically placed at key municipal infrastructure points, areas of mass gatherings or concentrated populations, such as building entrances, streets, parks and squares, retail outlets and shopping centers, schools, and childcare facilities.