Urbantech Group Installs New Traffic Enforcement Cameras in Leningrad Region

Urbantech Group Installs New Traffic Enforcement Cameras in Leningrad Region


The Urbantech Group has installed 500 new traffic enforcement cameras on regional and local roads in the Leningrad Region.

The new deployment includes 450 Azimuth 4 traffic enforcement cameras produced by the Urbantech Group. The company has installed the equipment and will be responsible for its maintenance.

The Azimuth 4 cameras rank among the top three traffic enforcement systems and are deployed in 42 Russian regions, as well as in CIS countries. They have already proven effective in reducing accident rates. They help enhance road safety and reduce transportation and social risks.

The Azimuth cameras are able to detect 51 different types of traffic violations. These include standard violations such as driving on the shoulder, veering into oncoming traffic lanes, and crossing solid line markings, as well as more complex offenses identified through neural network data processing, like failing to wear a seatbelt and using a mobile phone while driving, among others. The camera unit is capable of simultaneously detecting over 12 types of traffic violations.

In the Leningrad Region, cameras will be installed to enforce traffic regulations by detecting various violations, including exceeding speed limits, passing the stop line, running a red light, moving into oncoming traffic, violating seatbelt laws, and failing to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

“The installation of new traffic enforcement cameras is particularly relevant as we approach summer, a time when the number of vehicles in the region increases substantially. Speeding is the leading cause of traffic accidents in the region. The enforcement of traffic laws aims to convey a key message to drivers — high speed cannot be safe,” stated Denis Sedov, the head of the Leningrad Region Road Committee.

Source: Urbantech press service

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