Urbantech and Higher School of Economics Present Pilot All-Russian Road Safety Index

Urbantech and Higher School of Economics Present Pilot All-Russian Road Safety Index


Urbantech Group and the National Research University — Higher School of Economics (HSE University) presented a pilot version of the All-Russian Road Safety Index for the first time during the Transport Week. The tool provides a comprehensive assessment of the traffic situation and helps determine ways to reduce the accident rate.

The index is based on a new comprehensive methodology that evaluates multiple parameters. These include accident severity and the levels of social and transport risk. The solution enables a comprehensive assessment of traffic safety in each region. The index is calculated using only official data from Rosstat, the Scientific Center for Traffic Safety of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Main Directorate for Traffic Safety.

“Currently, Urbantech and HSE University are working together on an index for 2023. We plan to publish it in a few months, in March 2024. Today, we can share the pilot version of the project with the initial results. A comprehensive analysis of data from all regions enabled the identification of patterns upon which road safety depends. They include investments in road infrastructure, the number and concentration of traffic cameras, and the staffing of medical personnel. The results suggest that these factors have a direct impact on reducing accidents and their severity. The better these indicators, the safer the roads,” said Konstantin Agureev, Public Relations Director for Urbantech.

Additionally, the index includes a Traffic Accident Portrait for each region. These parameters describe the accident landscape in the area. This allows for the identification of patterns and local factors that potentially influence the occurrence and severity of accidents.

“The project takes into account external factors that impact the accident rate. In this way, we can identify areas of growth. For example, if there is a high proportion of road accidents involving pedestrians in a region, then we have to pay attention to equipping unregulated pedestrian crossings with traffic lights and controlling the speed limit near such places,” said Konstantin Trofimenko, Director of the Smart City Research Center of the HSE University.

The experts grouped the regions into four categories with similar values — advanced, high, medium, and low. The higher the values, the lower the social and transportation risks, as well as the accident severity.

The Transport Week is the key business event in the Russian transport industry. The event is held annually by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The main goal of the forum is to find solutions that ensure the connectivity of the country’s economy and its territories, contributing to the strengthening of Russia’s position in the global economy. In 2023, the event took place on November 11-17 in Moscow at Gostiny Dvor.

Source: Urbantech Group press service

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