UrbanTech Group Participates in the Annual ITS for Regions Conference and Exhibition

UrbanTech Group Participates in the Annual ITS for Regions Conference and Exhibition


The Azimuth equipment, produced by the UrbanTech Group, is being featured at the ITS for Regions exhibition, held on March 28-29 in Perm. At the exhibition stand, there was a display of various hardware and software solutions designed for road safety and intelligent transportation systems. These included the Azimuth 4 monoblock unit, the dome-type Azimuth Parking system, the Azimuth DT vehicle detector, and a computing module used in distributed treffic enforcement systems.

Alexander Dombrovsky, Director of the Road Safety and Analytics Department at the UrbanTech Group, participated in the session titled Digital Technologies for People: Safety, Comfort, and Quality of Transport Services in Regions, as part of the regional meeting of the Public Council for the Safe Roads project.

During his presentation, Alexander Dombrovsky discussed modern technologies for road safety monitoring, including developments that utilize artificial intelligence. The key focus of the presentation was the integrated approach to deploying traffic enforcement cameras to reduce road accidents, implemented by the UrbanTech Group. This approach involves a comprehensive analysis for choosing deployment locations and the timely installation of cameras, including the use of the advanced state-of-the-art Azimuth 4 systems, as well as maintaining the entire traffic enforcement system in proper operational condition 24/7.

“Road safety cannot be achieved by endlessly increasing the number of traffic enforcement systems. Maximum effectiveness from their use can only be achieved through high-quality, round-the-clock operations, preceded by a thorough analysis of road conditions,” Alexander Dombrovsky noted.

The annual ITS for Regions conference and exhibition has established itself as a unique, key regional platform for the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in our country. Year after year, from city to city, professionals and experts in intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and digital technologies for transport, along with business community leaders and heads of departments and ministries, share their expertise and knowledge in the regional development of intelligent transportation systems, transportation infrastructure, and digital services.

Source: Urbantech press service

Photo: Press Service of the Digital Era of Transport Association

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