Azimut traffic enforcement equipment installed in Tver Region

Azimut traffic enforcement equipment installed in Tver Region


Under a contract with Shvabe-Moscow, Urbantech Group served as the technology partner for the project, which involved the installation of 42 vehicle detectors and 25 traffic enforcement camera in the Tver Region.

State-of-the-art Azimut equipment, manufactured by Urbantech Group, will provide automated vehicle monitoring and enforce compliance with traffic rules in the Tver Region.

Azimut DT vehicle detectors measure traffic flow intensity and density, in addition to assessing road network capacity and congestion levels. The equipment collects and pre-processes traffic flow data, which is then used in centralized and localized systems at various levels to develop methods for efficient traffic flow distribution and to increase the capacity of the road network.

If necessary, the technical potential of the installed sensors will allow not only for collecting and processing data but also, after minor upgrades, for detecting signs of traffic violations, such as exceeding the speed limit, driving on a divider or bus lane, driving on the shoulder, crossing into oncoming traffic lanes, and others.

The Azimut 4 traffic enforcement camera is a latest-generation device that ranks in the top 3 traffic enforcement camera units. These systems are in use across 42 regions of Russia and have already demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing the accident rate. They help to improve traffic safety and reduce transportation and social risks. The systems are capable of recognizing 51 types of traffic violations. One system can simultaneously recognize more than 12 types of traffic violations. The deployment of additional traffic enforcement systems in the Tver Region aims to alter driver behavior and decrease traffic violations by 10-15%.

“The solutions implemented in Tver aim to enhance the comfort and safety of residents and visitors in the regional center. The use of modern technologies reduces the risk of accidents and fatalities on the roads,” stated Vadim Kalyugin, General Director of Shvabe and Bureau Member of the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Russia.

“Thanks to their ability to recognize a wide range of traffic violations, Azimut traffic enforcement systems and vehicle detectors will enhance the regional traffic enforcement capabilities and help to reduce the accident rate on the roads. The Azimut 4 units can identify typical traffic violations, such as driving on the shoulder, entering the oncoming traffic lane, or crossing a solid line, as well as complex violations that require neural network processing, including not wearing a seat belt and using a phone while driving, among others. I would like to note that almost 88% of road accidents in the country are caused by drivers violating traffic rules. Today, the use of traffic enforcement tools for monitoring compliance with traffic rules is the most important element in ensuring road safety,” said Daniil Khazov, Commercial Director of Urbantech Group.

Source: Urbantech Group press service

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