IT solutions for transport and road infrastructure

We ensure safety and enhance the efficiency of transport and road infrastructure by creating and deploying reliable technology solutions
Urbantech is a group of companies specializing in the development and deployment of modern IT solutions to ensure road traffic safety, optimise transport flows, and enhance the efficiency of public transport and road infrastructure.

The Group includes operators of major infrastructure and technology projects, developers and experts in the field of transport planning and road safety.
Intellectual Integration
An effective foundation for a regional ITS, designed in line with the requirements of the Autodata national platform. It brings together data from any management modules and subsystems, and integrates transport planning, traffic management and infrastructure monitoring functions, providing users with a common interface for interaction with all elements of the ITS.
Road Traffic Safety Analytical Module
A digital platform for monitoring the level of road traffic safety and enhancing the efficiency of road accident prevention measures. It aggregates data on a region’s road transport infrastructure and traffic management, as well as detailed information on every traffic incident. It enables prediction of dangerous sections and accident hotspots, and helps select the best tools for preventing them, while creating a common information space for regional authorities and traffic police.
A software-hardware unit for automated monitoring of the state of road transport infrastructure. It uses a mobile laboratory to create a reference data base of facilities - a digital twin of the street and road network with location accuracy of up to 1 m. The state or the facilities is monitored daily using simple video recording devices installed on public transport
Incident Management
A system for detecting incidents on the roads and threats to public safety, based on automatic analysis of video streams from surveillance cameras. A cloud-based neural network recognizes over 30 types of road situation and enables a massive improvement in the emergency services’ response times, reducing the amount of manual labour and the likelihood of human error.
A smart signal and light system for unregulated pedestrian crossings. Dynamic alert tools are activated as a pedestrian approaches the crossing, focusing the driver’s attention whatever the weather or time of day. The number of times motorists stop to let pedestrians across doubles from 40% to 80%.
Smart Pedestrian Crossing
Road Traffic Safety
Urbantech-M has a service contract with Moscow’s Road Traffic Organization Centre for the installation and maintenance of 600 modern traffic camera units with an SLA of at least 99% for the entire network. The project is being implemented as part of Moscow’s strategy to improve road traffic safety and the efficiency of the city’s traffic camera system.
Intellectual Transport System
A project by Urbantech aimed at achieving a qualitative improvement in the road transport situation with no capital expenditure on the rebuilding of the existing road network. Adaptive control of traffic light installations and updating of coordination plаns using data on the actual situation on the roads in conjunction with prompt incident response have cut journey times by 15% despite a 20% increase in traffic.
Integrated Transport Management Platform (ITMP)
A joint project between Urbantech and GLONASS to deploy “Mobility Group” ITMP modules and subsystems within a pilot area in the city of Saint Petersburg.
The system implements monitoring, analysis and road situation management functions in a common interface, supporting V2X network-based scenarios and integration with autonomous vehicles.
An investment company with offices in Moscow and Novosibirsk. Its focus is on early-stage startups with a science-intensive component and intellectual property. The company manages the 5 bn RUB National Technology Initiative venture fund.
An association of leaders on the Russian telecom and navigation markets. Operator of the state automated information system project Era-Glonass for emergency response to road accidents. Works to promote Russian navigation technologies on international markets.
A leading supplier of road safety solutions. Operator of the biggest traffic camera concession in the Russian Federation: 1,255 stationary cameras, 200 mobile units and 770 “safe region” cameras in Moscow Region. 30% reduction in road fatalities in three years.
Since 2014 the company has worked on transport planning and modelling projects using various types of data. The projects include development an operational transport plan for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, and the creation of models of dozens of Russian cities.
Urbantech is a member of OKO, the association of manufacturers and operators of recognition and surveillance systems, which was founded in March 2020 on the basis of the Moscow Regional Branch of ‘Delovaya Russia’ and brings together leading Russian developers and suppliers. The association’s members represent around 70% of the traffic camera system market.
Andrey Denisenkov
Worked in executive positions in commercial banks and investment companies in the field of corporate finance and direct investment. Headed the direct investment and real estate portfolio at ‘Blagosostoyanie’ Pension Fund. Member of the Council of the Moscow Regional Branch of ‘Delovaya Rossiya’. Chairman of the board of OKO, the association of manufacturers and operators of recognition and surveillance systems. Member of the board of the Association of Alumni of Saint Petersburg State University.
Andrey Borodin
Project Management
Has extensive experience of sales management and product development in the telecom and Smart City sectors. Worked as vice president of the major Russian integrator Technoserv, and managed the commercial divisions of several IT companies.
Denis Sidorov
Business Development
More than 10 years of executive experience in IT companies with a focus on implementing public-private partnership projects.
Evgeny Nikolaev
Investments and Partnerships
Has many years of experience in developing and launching new areas of activity both within corporations and as independent greenfield projects. For more than 20 years headed the macroregional departments of telecom operators and fintech companies, including AT&T, Orange, TransTeleCom, QIWI India and IBS DataFort.
Sergey Stroganov
Products and Technologies
Headed the IT and architecture development departments of MTS, led the IT function at Akado Telecom, led the creation and implementation of billing solutions and IN platforms at Sitronics, and managed Technoserv’s subsidiary in Skolkovo.
Eldar Tuzmukhametov
Marketing and Communications
Over 15 years’ experience in executive positions and as a consultant in marketing communications and innovation management. Headed the Smart City Lab project in Moscow Government’s Department of Information Technology, and participated in the launch of the Active Citizen project and the development of city-wide standards on the implementation of smart technologies.
Yulia Onischuk
Strategic Planning
Worked for more than 15 years in major companies and investment funds, including Basic Element, Rosnano, AFK Sistema and RVC. Was responsible for launching new businesses and optimizing business projects, as well as managing high-tech startups from their creation through to operational efficiency.
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