Integration platform «Sputnik»

Integration platform "Sputnik"

An effective solution for centralized management of the transport complex

The Sputnik integration platform serves to ensure the joint functioning of existing disparate information systems and equipment from any manufacturer, as well as to improve the efficiency of each element of the transport complex. The platform includes 18 modules and 15 ITS subsystems.

The solution allows you to monitor the traffic situation in real time, provides and analyzes information about traffic flows, weather conditions, the number of vehicles, offenses, accidents and emergencies, and the functioning of public transport.

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By forming a complete picture, it becomes possible to manage the traffic situation as efficiently as possible, control traffic capacity, load on the road network, and promptly take the necessary measures, including preventive ones. Using the platform reduces operating costs and improves the quality of transport services.

Using its own integration platform Sputnik, Urbantech Group of Companies has integrated more than 3,000 public transport units in Nizhny Novgorod, more than 10 city and transport services, as well as 25 ITS modules and subsystems and 5 city information systems.