Passenger cable cars

Passenger cable cars

Full cycle of design, construction and operation of urban cable cars

Urbantech company. Ropeways” is part of the Urbantech Group of Companies and provides a full cycle of design, construction and operation of urban cableways.

City cable cars are a modern type of fast, comfortable and safe public transport. Ropeways help relieve congestion on the city road network and are environmentally friendly transport, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by half compared to buses.

The expertise of Urbantech Group of Companies in the field of transport planning allows us to ensure the effective integration of city cable cars into the public transport system and create a high level of comfort and safety for residents and tourists.

The comprehensive approach of the Urbantech Group of Companies to the implementation and development of cable cars includes the involvement of experienced and qualified specialists in the field of architecture, transport modeling and development of the urban environment. Ropeways are becoming new points of attraction for the region, taking into account the interests of all its participants: residents, authorities and business.

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times less carbon dioxide emissions compared to buses
on safety among all modes of transport
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